3 observations to react

A material with negative impact

The ski is a so-called composite material. It is mostly an assembly of petrochemical materials, harmful to the environment.

1500 tons

This is the estimate of the waste flow linked to used skis, per year, in France. This represents around 263.000 pairs of skis, thrown in the dumpster each year, most of which will not be recycled.


As the material is not eligible for the recycling process, it is in most of the cases buried underground, causing a significant environmental impact.

Our mission

Problems give birth to innovations

In order to reconcile our passion and our environmental values, we decided to take action and develop a fully recyclable ski by working on the materials we use for manufacturing but above all by rethinking the way a ski is originally constructed. It is a long and meticulous engineering process, which requires a good knowledge of the properties of each component that we wish to incorporate into our material. However, we attach great importance about respecting our commitment, no matter how long it will take us to develop the solution.

How does recycling a ADN’s ski work?

The complexity of our project also lies in the fact of considering the operating mode of current companies regarding the management of used equipment and ensuring that they do not change their daily lives. Indeed, we must integrate everyone's habits into our process in order to make the recycling of our skis as simple and intuitive as possible without having to call on an intermediate waste collection service or invent new recycling methods.

What material will the skis be made of ?

For confidentiality reasons, we cannot disclose the materials that will make up ADN skis (for now). However, be aware that we do everything we can to ensure that our equipment is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Our vision


We are aware that giving an ecological dimension to a product is often synonymous with an increase in the cost of production generally due to the scarcity of materials used, which in a proportional way, increases the selling price. It is important for us to be able to offer accessible material without having to make any concessions on its quality. Therefore, we are working fully on this subject in order to be able to offer skis at the best value for money.

Positively influence

At ADN, we don't pretend to revolutionize the world of skiing, but in a way, to be able to influence it positively. We are convinced that we can unite many people around the values ​​that we wish to transmit. The approach does not only concern consumers but also companies and ski stations which are the first actors of change and have a responsibility to show the best practices to be adopted regarding the climate emergency.

Our ambition

Why turn to industrial? Our ambition is to penetrate the so-called "industrial" ski market for one simple and good reason: the magnitude of our impact. Indeed, with an industrial dimension, our impact is increased tenfold and our equipment becomes more accessible.

We mainly target ski rental shops, which at the end of each season must dump several dozen pairs of skis each, but also sales through sports shops and online retailers who carry the same values ​​as us.


The team

Camille Lambert
CEO and founder

Initiated to ski since I was a child, I noticed growing up the ecological problem posed by the equipment necessary for its practice. Passionate about entrepreneurship and aware of the challenges related to sustainable development, I decided to embark on this adventure which, I hope, is only just beginning!

Héloïse Delbos

I am by nature hypersensitive to the conditions of human life, to injustice and to the alarming state of our environment. I want to take action to understand, to solve these human and environmental issues. As sport is part of my daily life, I immediately wanted to follow Camille on her adventure to reconcile skiing and ecology.

Pauline Dutel

As a student in Interaction design, my dream is to help improve our future by integrating social, ethical and ecological factors into our daily lives. As a fan of winter sports, I was seduced by the ADN SKIS project: combining technical performance and sustainable development, in the service of a sport close to nature.

Aurèle Durand
Expert IT

Swiss Army Knife, serial entrepreneur and nature lover, I am fully committed to developing a more environmentally and socially responsible world. Touched by Camille's vitality and ambition, I did not hesitate to get involved in this project, which is both positive and promising!



Sustainable development

« Being able to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs”. A value that drives us and that we want to pass on to as many people as possible.


As part of a constant research to improve our practices, innovation is at the heart of our project. It allows us to find solutions to every obstacle we encounter.


It is very important for us to act transparently. Whether in terms of manufacturing, packaging, through transport to the choice of our partners, you will be informed of everything and we promise you it will ever be the same.

Corporate philosophy

ADN is not just a brand of skis, it is also a state of mind, a desire to educate as many people as possible around important topics such as sustainable development and the preservation of our environment.

It is also and above all the search for consistency between our passion for nature and our way of acting and consuming. We wish, through our project, to make consumers but also businesses aware of the challenges of climate change that we face, so that we can, all together, adopt a way of life that is more respectful of the environment and together, of ourselves.







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